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The expert committee of the PSM Awards 2021 gathers Ukrainian financial and e-commerce specialists.

Pavlo Sidelov

CTO and ideologist of He is a regular speaker of the top Global and European FinTech conferences and an author of multiple articles in the leading industry resources. 16+ years of experience in digital payments, the launch of several FinTech/TechFin companies (with being the major project), and ruthless desire to foster innovations in payments - all this spurred Pavlo to publish the book “The World Of Digital Payments: Practical Course (FinTech)”. is the Core Payment Platform wrapped into 400+ APIs. It enables payment providers, FinTech entrepreneurs & banks to launch payment and loyalty products saving time 10x, and decreasing 90% of CAPEX. Since its foundation in 2013, the company has won and been nominated by multiple FinTech awards competitions.

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