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Legal information

Legal information explains how the PaySpace Magazine Awards 2022 is conducted.

By providing information containing personal data, individuals and companies are considered to have agreed that these data will be processed by the editorial team of PaySpace Magazine.

Personal data of the Participant of the PaySpace Magazine Awards 2022 is considered to be the following:

  • general information (first and second names, email addresses, phone numbers)
  • additional information (places of work, job titles, Facebook and Twitter profiles, photographs)
  • general information about companies/services (names of the companies/services, industries, logos, websites, social media profiles)
  • additional information about companies/services (first and second names, email addresses, phone numbers, places of work and job titles of employees submitting applications on behalf of their companies).

Participants who provided the information containing personal data to the organizers of the PSM Awards (members of the PaySpace Magazine editorial team) are considered to have agreed that the Organizers may collect, edit, clarify, elaborate, publish, and delete all the information received.

All participants guarantee the information provided is complete and accurate; while providing the information, the legislation of Ukraine and/or the individual rights of third parties must not be violated or the individual rights of third parties.


The website automatically collects and saves in the server logs non-personal data, which is:

  • IP address
  • cookies
  • the list of the visited pages

Personal data processing is in place starting from the moment when a participant submits an application on the website.

In case you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, please do not provide your personal information to All information provided in a voluntary manner is considered to be consent to this user agreement.


Online resource ensures the safety and security of the information of all the participants of the PaySpace Magazine Awards 2022.

Personal data shall be deleted according to the procedure established by legislation of Ukraine.


The editorial team of PaySpace Magazine reserves its right to apply changes to this agreement without prior notification. We recommend reviewing this agreement on the matter of changes.

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