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Every player of Ukrainian e-commerce and financial technologies market can apply for participation in the contest.

The PaySpace Magazine Awards 2022 contest (hereinafter referred to as ""the Contest"") is held by the specialized online magazine PaySpace Magazine (hereinafter ""the Organizer""). The goal is to identify market leaders and to increase consumers' confidence in the reliability of the services they provide.

Companies (or their representatives) operating in the Ukrainian market of electronic commerce and financial technologies can become participants of the Contest. To do so, they should fill out an application in the dedicated section of the Contest website. The application is to be considered by the Organizer in no longer than 24 hours. The Organizer reserves its right to reject the application explaining its reasons for the rejection.


The Contest starts on October, 10 2022. The first stage, which implies the application process and forming of the list of participants is to take place from October, 10 2022, to October, 28 2022. The nominees will be selected on the basis of the submitted applications.

The second stage is the voting process. Online voting consists of three parts: users vote, expert jury vote, and editorial team vote. It starts on November, 1 2022, and will last until December, 30 2022. Users vote is open. Anyone can vote for one nominee in each category.

The results will be revealed and the winners announced in January 2023.


The Organizer has the right to remove the Contest participants and review the procedure for determining the Winners in case of unfair actions of the Contest participant or other persons in favor of this Contest participant. Such actions include fraud, cheating, and other unlawful deeds, aimed at obtaining unfair benefits in the Contest.


By participating, each participant shall recognize these rules of participation in the Contest.

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