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ICEC 2012 International Conference on Electronic Commerce

The International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC) is a forum for the exchange of new ideas related to emerging technologies and managerial practices in electronic commerce, IT services and mobile business.


ICEC 2012 in Singapore will feature: refereed paper presentations on leading research issues; invited research sessions and keynote presentations; and panels on emerging issues that bring academic and industry participants together in dialogue. Because of ICEC’s proximity to the vibrant international business and high-tech setting of Singapore, we expect to have involvement from well-known business, technology and public policy experts.

ICEC 2012 encourage development and presentation of research on real-time data analytics in the context of social-commerce, where there are many applications. They range from delivery of location-based services in mobile devices to online booking systems in travel and hospitality management to risk management systems in financial services. We hope to make a unique data set available to researchers interested in using it for research for ICEC 2012. We will host special tracks on the development of research on real-time data analytics in social-commerce related to our research at LARC, the Living Analytics Research Center. We welcome your contributions.

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